Claire Graduates!

Yanyan Claire Ji successfully defended her thesis and earned her PhD in physics after 7 years working in the CHAOS lab. Claire has worked on calcium dynamics and contraction, calcium alternans, low energy anti-fibrillation pacing (LEAP), and effects of tissue heterogeneities on defibrillation. We will be sad to see her go! Conner has claimed rights to her desk.

Experimental Chaos and Complexity in Madrid

PI Flavio Fenton with grad students Andrea Welsh and Conner Herndon and undergrad Daniel Gurevich traveled to Madrid Spain for the 15th Experimental Chaos and Complexity Conference in Madrid, Spain.

Andrea Welsh was awarded Best Student Presentation for her talk “Spatial Pattern Formation in Aggregations of Artemia Franciscana“.

Daniel Gurevich was awarded Best Poster Presentation for his poster “Topological analysis of experimental recordings of ventricular fibrillation”. Daniel also won the award for youngest presenter.