Complex Heart Arrhythmias and other Oscillating Systems

Flavio Fenton, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Physics at Georgia Tech
Adjunct Associate Professor at School of Applied Physiology
Adjunct Associate Professor at School of Biology
GoSTEM faculty fellow

Professor Fenton works in excitable media, complex systems, and pattern formation, using a combined approach of theory, experiments, and computer simulations. The main areas of research are
1) Experiments in complex systems,
2) Mathematical modeling of complex systems and
3) High performance computing.

Ilija Uzelac, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Fellow

MSEE in Engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia 2003
Ph.D. in Physics, Vanderbilt University, Nashville 2012

Abouzar Kaboudian, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Fellow

Ph.D. in Integrative Sciences & Engineering, National University of Singapore, Singapore 2014
M.Eng. in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore 2009
B.Sc. in Thermofluid Mechanics, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran 2006,

Claire Ji
Ph.D. Student

Claire Yanyan Ji is a physics PhD student. She has a BS in applied physics from Nanjing, China. Her thesis is devoted to aid in the understanding of mechanisms that initiate cardiac arrhythmia and to develop new state-of-the-art defibrillation methods using concepts from nonlinear dynamics and chaos that allow arrhythmia termination with low energy shocks. Claire can be contacted at Here is her LinkedIn Page


  • Christine Mirzayan Science and Technology Policy Fellowship, National Academy of Sciences, Washington DC, January-August 2016

Andrea Welsh
Ph.D. Student

Physics and Math, Boston University, 2011
M.S. Physics, Georgia Tech, Atlanta 2013

Andrea received her B.A. in physics and math at Boston University in 2011. Andrea is interested in complex systems and pattern formation in biophysics. She is president and founder of the GT Society of Women in Physics. She was chair of the APS 2016 Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics. She is a Safe-Space Peer Education Facilitator at the GT LGBTQIA Resource Center. She is also an APS FGSA Member-at-Large. She likes reading fantasy books, playing JRPGs,listening to music, writing and drawing. Her website can be found here.


  • Graduate Conference Fund for MPI conference in Goettingen, Germany, 2014
  • GT Women's Leadership Conference - Outstanding Graduate Student, Fall 2014
  • SIAM Travel Award, Spring 2015
  • AAPT Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, Spring 2015
  • Graduate Conference Fund for MPI conference in Goettingen, Germany, 2015
  • GT Diversity Championship Award, Fall 2015
  • SIAM Travel Award, Spring 2016

Diana Chen
Ph.D. Student

Diana is a fifth year at Tech trying to not be mediocre. She likes learning, bartending, and eating food.


  • President's Fellowship from the Georgia Institute of Technology, 2012-present
  • Graduate Conference Fund for MPI conference in Goettingen, Germany, 2014
  • College of Physics grant for 2015 conference in Bellaterra, Spain, 2015

Conner Herndon
Ph.D. Student

BSc Physics, Georgia Tech, 2015.
MSc Physics, Georgia Tech, 2016.

I'm only here for the excuse to wear a lab coat.

Daniel Gurevich
Undergraduate Student

Daniel is a second year student majoring in Physics, Industrial Engineering, and Mathematics. He recently learned just how easy it is to accidentally become the father of two baby chickens, Chaos and Chocobo.


  • Petit Scholarship, 2017
  • PURA Travel Award, 2017
  • Georgia Tech Faculty Women's Club Scholarship, 2017

Samuel Wiley
Undergraduate Student

Sam is a third year undergraduate student who works with Conner Herndon, primarily on Zebrafish Cardiac Dynamics. He hopes to work on Cardiac Dynamics of Regenerated Zebrafish Hearts, and plans on going to Medical School. He is also the Student Chair of Undergraduate Physics Advising and sometimes wears a lab coat.


  • PURA Award, Fall 2017
  • Tony's Second Best Friend Award
  • NSF Frontier Grant, Summer 2017

Anthony Aportela
Undergraduate Student

Tony is a third year undergraduate student who wants to go to space. 



  • PURA Award, Spring 2017
  • NSF Frontier Grant, Summer 2017
  • Sam's Best Friend Award
  • Tony's First Best Friend Award

Zoha Naqawe
Undergraduate Student

Zoha is a sophomore physics and biology major who works with Andrea Welsh on Nonlinear Dynamics in Brine Shrimp. She hopes to go to Medical School or Physics Graduate School and is the treasurer in Women in Physics, as well as the Vice Student Chair of Undergraduate Physics Advising.  


  • URSA, Summer 2017
  • URSA, Fall 2017

Former Students, Postdocs, and Visitors

  • Jairo Rodriguez (Master's)

  • Krishma Singal (undergraduate). Krishma worked with Andrea and was involved in Women in Physics and India Club. She is now pursuing a PhD in physics at Georgia Tech.
    Krishma's Gatech Feature

  • J. Tim Farmer (undergraduate, 2015-2017). Tim was a PURA scholarship recipient whose main focus is arrhythmic behavior of cardiac tissue. He worked closely with Conner and Neil in various projects and plans to pursue a Ph.D. in Physics after graduation. He has a passion for nature and adventure, and enjoys hiking, biking, reading, and sailing.
    Tim's Story.
    Tim's Gatech Feature.

  • Pol Noguer

  • Casey Trimble (undergraduate/nihilist, 2012-2015). As an undergraduate, Casey studied massively parallelized computational models and demonstration models on the Arduino. He is now a husk of a graduate student studying condensed matter at Clark University.

  • Tara Cunningham (Master's, 2015)

  • Greg Byrne, Ph.D (postdoc)

  • Amier Naji (undergraduate)

  • Mary Elizabeth Lee (undergraduate)

  • Ramprasath Rajagopal (undergraduate)

  • Madeline Lazar (undergraduate)

  • Tyler Tippens (undergraduate)